Our Mission

Our mission is to excel in providing tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs with simplicity, while being reasonably profitable.



Our Expertise

Agrim is highly specialized in project support services such as HR Solutions, Life Support services and materials supply, facility construction and management.


Our Experience

With a rich experience in field of project support services, trading and fabrication for more than 15 years Agrim is capable of taking any kind of challenging projects.



ISO 9001 Certified Company


Agrim Projects Services offers a variety of support services to fulfill present day business needs. Agrim is established to serve with a difference and to build reputation in reliable service delivery, quality, customer satisfaction and performance.


AGRIM” in Sanskrit Language means “Excellence”.

Agrim is the trusted partner and resource in the AIM (Africa, India & Middle East) region for many corporate customers, as well as many growing small-to-medium sized businesses. Our focus is the design, development, deployment and management of a variety of services and infrastructure solutions.


Our commitment is ultimate customer satisfaction by providing high quality, cost effective and timely services first time and all the time.


If you are looking for a partner with experience and integrity for new business opportunities or to improve existing businesses in AIM region, you may contact us. We are confident that we will bring practical knowledge and accumulated experience to ensure precision and speed in your engagement. We are just click away.


Agrim Projects Services : A 12, Al Habdan Towers, Sea Side Road, Mangaf , Mangaf 65452 | Phone: +965 237 122 17 | Fax: +965 237 122 18