AGRIM and its key personnel have got two-decade long project support service experience with all major industries in Kuwait. Agrim is specialized in the construction of the site office and camp. With our in-house design team and vast experiences in this field, we can come up with the cost effective solutions which not only meets the requirement of the customer but exceed their expectations.

Own workshops and yard gave a lot of advantages for the fast execution of the projects. Thorough market knowledge and close connection with all leading local suppliers have added advantages for the construction.

Agrim is also specialized in overseas procurements and got direct connections and representatives in countries like China, India, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK and USA. This will help them to procure any type of material globally to meet the special requirement of the customers.


With a rich experience in the field of Civil Construction and Landscaping in India and Kuwait for more than 10 years, we have built-up our reputation through our excellent service and high standard of workmanship. Our expert team utilizes their experience in using modern equipments for better and reliable civil construction.

We will be honest with our commitments to our clients, colleagues, employees, subordinates, and suppliers and to everybody who comes in contact with us directly or indirectly.

We will strongly strive to bring meaning to everything we do, so that others live a meaningful life because of our acts. We want to be known as the pioneers in innovation in our field and should be respected and recognized for our commitment levels and quality


Agrim has got multiple steel and aluminium fabrication facilities in Kuwait. These facilities are equipped with modern machinery and overhead cranes to speed up the entire fabrication process. As a leading supplier welding equipment and consumables, we have always got a better control on quality and quantity of the production and can eliminate any down time.

Simple to complex, light to heavy, whatever be your fabrication requirement, we can easily meet it.

Our fabrication partnership KHH Singapore can handle any amount of bulk production.

Rental Division

Agrim is renting Diesel Driven welding generators and power generators for short and long periods. With highly trained support crew and own workshop, we can assure you high-quality efficient service for the rented equipment. So the customer will have no trouble for the routine service hence zero downtime. Welding Machine: 400 Amp / 500 Amp with 4 wheel trolley Power Generator: 25 KVA – 200 KVA

Water & Sewage

Agrim is capable of supplying water for different personnel, commercial and industrial needs. They also collect sewage, both domestic and industrial and dispose at designated locations. Agrim is approved for the Sewage Treatment Plant / Effluent Treatment Plant technologies by Ministry of Public Works. Agrim can evaluate, design, engineer and install micro to mega STP/ ETP.

House Keeping

Agrim is well experienced in providing house keeping service to offices and camps. We have a good stock of materials and consumables required for this service. Our staff are professionally trained to perform their job at the most satisfaction of the clients.

Site offices and Camps

Agrim has a specialized team to install site offices, workshops and camps. They are highly qualified and certified to fabricate and install various types of site offices, workshops and camps.

Construction Capabilities

Hard landscaping, Bulk excavation ,Ground works ,Ground beams ,Foundations ,Retaining walls ,Basements and other reinforced concrete substructures, Reinforced concrete superstructures ,Complex formwork installations ,External Works, Plumbing work, Mechanical work (Fabrication & Installation works), Ceiling, decoration and furnishing, Painting Work.

Interior design & Execution

Specializing in different partition Systems, Floor Finishes, Raised Flooring, Ceilings, Carpentry and Integrated Joinery.


Landscaping is a full service, detail oriented Design/Build and Property Maintenance Company catering to upscale residential and commercial properties. We strive to make your home or business look the best it possibly can. Whether it's landscape design, installation or maintenance, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to provide you with the BEST quality and customer service at the most reasonable price...Guaranteed!

Agrim Projects Services : A 12, Al Habdan Towers, Sea Side Road, Mangaf, Mangaf 65452 | Phone: +965 237 122 17 | Fax: +965 237 122 18