Electrical and Low Voltage (E & LV)

Agrim is able to support clients in their needs of supply and and maintenance of turn key electrical requirements Instrumentation

Low Voltage

We provide End to End technology solutions where we design, supply, install and maintain systems supported by a well equipped team of professionally trained engineers and specialists certified by our principals.

Telecommunication Systems:

  • IP Telephony
  • Interactive Response System
  • Contact Center
  • Unified Communication System

Networking Systems:

  • Converged Networks
  • Network Security products
  • Active and Passive Systems

Security Systems:

  • CCTV Surveillance Systems (IP and Analog)
  • Integrated Security Management Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Infant Security System
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Audio and Visual Communication Systems:

  • Public Address Systems
  • LED Display Systems
  • Background Music Systems
  • Indoor and Outdoor Scoreboards
  • IP TV Systems

Energy Management Solutions:

  • Lighting Control and Dimming Systems
  • IP based Environmental Control Systems
  • Building Management and Remote Monitoring Systems
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